Eat with your Fingers at Fatty Cue’s New York

NY City with the older kids was scintillating, especially the brunch at Fatty ‘Cue’s BBQ hut in Brooklyn ( “We don’t encourage knives and forks here,” said our waiter after we had ordered ribs, curried black eyed peas and spicy bowls of noodles. Well how to eat? “It’s better with your fingers,” said our waiter.

Having a meal at Fatty Cue’s in Brooklyn, NY

Rightly so. The rustic shack with appointments of copper and tin was a fitting venue for down-home specialties, what the owners label a “little Southeast Asian fermented funkiness and a whole helluva a lot of smoke.” Ask about the pig roasting and you’ll get a tour of the smokers and roasters at the back of the restaurant adjacent to the kitchen. There’s even a official pitmaster.